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Order in Poland anti-psoriasis cream Dr. DERM is available on the official website of the manufacturer. The unique development of modern medicine uses natural extracts to quickly target the causes and symptoms of psoriasis. To order at the best price 169zł, just fill out the form on the website, where you state your name and phone number. Company managers will call you at any convenient time and explain the details of the purchase. Only now there is a 50% discount on Dr. DERM. Hurry up with your order!

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With psoriasis, it is important to make the treatment as simple as possible. Natural creams are the future in the treatment of skin diseases. Fortunately, they are already available in Poland. Hormones, immunosuppressants and phototherapy not only cause addiction, but also skin atrophy, which can later lead to cancer. Dr. Derm differs from conventional topical therapy in the absence of dependent components that contain steroids. Course application Dr. Derm creams can avoid recurrences of psoriasis and lead a full life.

Powerful natural psoriasis cream

psoriasis problem

Dr. DERM is a universal product on a natural basis that helps with all types of psoriasis: plaque, pustular, exudative, teardrop. The cream prevents the spread of the disease, relieves itching and dandruff, removes the causes and keeps the skin of psoriasis patients healthy. Dr. DERM activates the body's natural protective functions, does not cause addiction, has a completely natural composition.

DR. DERM eliminates the symptoms of psoriasis and ensures permanent remission. The transfer of the active components of the product into the deep layers of the skin occurs from the first application. Dr. DERM has the consistency of a gel and is very penetrating and complex. Dr. DERM penetrates into the deep layers of the epidermis, has a emollient, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect, normalizes metabolism and activates the skin's natural defenses.

How does psoriasis develop?

development of psoriasis

The upper layer of skin (epidermis) contains keratinocytes, which live an average of 28 days. The cells of patients with psoriasis multiply many times faster, without having time to mature and age. Instead of 28, they live only 4-5 days. Inflammation causes a breakdown of the immune system - immature keratinocytes cannot leave the epidermis naturally. They accumulate on the surface and form psoriatic plaques. Sweat and skin glands are involved in the inflammatory process. Their secretion decreases, the skin loses water and fat, dries and cracks.

The development of psoriasis is uncontrolled: even if people are aware of their heredity, they cannot prevent systemic skin damage.

Factors leading to worsening psoriasis:

In psoriasis, the skin becomes dry and rough and the stratum corneum of the epidermis thickens. Avoid nourishing, moisturizing and scented creams. Use special products that make the skin more elastic. Frequent hand washing, as well as any bathing, should be minimized, because the protective layer becomes thinner, which leads to the spread of deposits.

Doctor Derm psoriasis natural cream, effectiveness

A comparative analysis of the main therapeutic methods showed that hormone therapy is not the optimal way to fight psoriasis, because it is addictive and does not eliminate the root cause. Hormone therapy creates only a cosmetic effect, smoothing papules and redness. Under the influence of hormones, the epidermis becomes thinner and loses its protective layer, which can lead to skin cancer.

Skin with psoriasis before and after applying the cream

Dr. DERM works differently. The interaction of the natural ingredients of the cream improves the metabolic processes in the body, as a result of which the skin is regenerated. Itching and dandruff disappear after the first application. After starting treatment with Dr. cream. Derm, the spread of the disease is stopped, and the damaged skin tissue is restored. After one procedure, the skin is completely regenerated. The natural process of cell division resumes after 28 days. Dr. DERM repairs damaged tissue, relieves itching and stops inflammation.

Correct the result after Dr. A well-formulated diet helps DERM. Prevention of psoriasis includes removing foods that contain cholesterol, fast carbohydrates, artificial colors and flavor enhancers from the diet. Improperly chosen diet can lead to serious worsening. Adherence to proper eating habits and a comprehensive course of treatment Dr. Derm cream causes permanent remission.

Composition of the preparation

Name Healing effect
Sage It has an antiseptic effect, relieves swelling, dandruff and removes psoriasis plaques.
Shea butter Reduces dryness, promotes healing of papules, restores natural skin texture.
Callisia fragrant Helps maintain normal pH, has a tonic, anti-inflammatory and soothing effect on affected skin.

Fir oil

It has antibacterial, antioxidant and regenerating properties.
Dry aloe extract It has a refreshing and relaxing effect, saturates the skin with the necessary moisture. It increases skin tone, makes it firm and elastic.

Where to buy psoriasis medication?

Dr. DERM is the only anti-psoriasis cream that is not sold in pharmacies in Poland. You can order it only on the official website at the manufacturer's price 169zł and what is the price in another country. Poland imports the drug throughout the production period of the cream due to increased consumer demand. Order now Dr. DERM with delivery to any region! The discount is valid!

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